Hello Hugo!
Dec 09, 2016
1 minute read

A couple of months ago I shut down my old blog about programming. Although it sounds cruel to kill a blog, the truth is that it had only one or two articles of dubious quality.

However, I think there will be interesting things to write about in the coming months, so here I am with a new blog. After a couple of hours of tinkering with different themes and settings, this is ready to go online! There will be no pretexts the next time I want to write… The only obstacle now is finding time and a good topic, so stay tuned.

As a fun fact, I am using Hugo to generate the website. The fact that it has a single binary and no dependencies seems very convenient (this is not entirely true though, since I am using pygments for syntax highlighting).

Anyway, now everything is in place and this post will make the blog feel less empty until there is real content.

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